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e-Warranty Terms & Conditions

1) This E-Warranty will guaranteed the registered product (E-Warranty Registration) against its manufacturing defects for a specified period of time (mentioned in each different models) from the date of purchase from an authorised dealer or agent. Guarantee is ONLY applicable for the products’ motor parts.

2) This E-Warranty is NULL and VOID under the following conditions;

  • a) The information provided during this E-Warranty Registration is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • b) The Serial Number of the product unit is found to be tampered with, other than its original state.
  • c) Unauthorised repair or modifications to the products.
  • d) Accidents, misuse, improper installation, any manner or tampering.
  • e) Usage of wrong electrical supply / voltage.
  • f) loss, damages, defects and malfunctions caused by Acts of God, fire and civil unrest.

3) E-Warranty is VALID when the registered product is and have been using Respimedic  Sdn Bhd, without mixing or using other solution externally.

4)  By registering for the E-Warranty, you (the Customer) fully understand the Terms & Conditions and accept the warranty provided for the above product.  

5) The Customer also agree that the above information are provided accurately for the warranty registration purpose of the purchased product.


  1. All E-Warranty Claims made for products will ONLY be made at our Service Centre cum Headquarters located at 36, Jalan BPU 6, Bandar Puchong Utama, 47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
  2. The product must be received by Respimedic, at our warehouse office, in order for it to be eligible for the E-Warranty claim for replacement. The Customer must ensure that the product is sent to us in the most proper complete condition as possible to facilitate smooth claim process. In the event that an item produced to us is deemed in an unsuitable condition for the E-Warranty claim, we reserve the right not to accept the E-Warranty claim and send the Product back to you.
  3. During the E-Warranty Claim process, we will conduct a verification of on the purchase by login into the online E-Warranty system to confirmed your earlier E-Warranty Registration of the related purchase before proceeding for the claim process.

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